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Devin is a high school teacher who has seen first hand the power of transformative relationships and centering student needs. He will bring this mindset to Olympia to fight for rural working families to have economic opportunity, education, healthcare, and equity. Right now, our families are being left behind during the COVID pandemic, and our current representative is not stepping up to help. As a teacher and someone who has worked for local small business, Devin knows our representative must put the needs of people in our district first, not just the well connected and wealthy. By spending time forming relationships and listening to those most impacted, we can build long term solutions together, and benefit the entire community in every area: equity, education, a sustainable environment for the longterm good of our agriculture and businesses, healthcare, and beyond.


Devin's Platform

Check out Devin's ideas for LD-14. At the core of all of these positions is a strong belief in equity and a desire to center those most affected by any policy.

Meet Devin!

Devin Kuh is a high school teacher fighting for education, healthcare, and economic opportunity for rural working families who have been left behind during the coronavirus pandemic. We need a strong base of support and funding to make this happen. If we're going to make this district blue for the first time since 1990, we need your help to ensure we can reach enough voters to make a difference. Can you donate $50 today?

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