We Endorse Devin Kuh for State Rep

AFT Washington (American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO)
IBEW 48 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union)
Klickitat County Democrats
Yakima County Democrats
Skamania County Democrats
14th Legislative District Democrats


Eliana Macias, Yakima City Council Member

"I am extremely proud to endorse Devin Kuh for Washington State Representative. Devin is highly qualified to serve and represent LD-14. He is smart and is fighting for rural working families, equity, education, healthcare and economic opportunity. Devin knows our representative must put the needs of our people first by forming relationships, listening to those impacted and building long term solutions together. He will fight to bring economic opportunities for rural working families who have been left behind during the coronavirus pandemic. I am confident in his abilities and know he will push for positive changes that will benefit all residents. Devin Kuh is the best choice for our community. Please join me in voting for Devin Kuh for State Representative LD-14."

Brad Ludden, Founder of First Descents, CNN Hero of the Year

"Through my work with Devin Kuh, or Otter as we know him at First Descents, I have seen how he is able to create community, empower people of diverse backgrounds in their bodies and their voices and the value he places on the health of individuals and our planet. Devin knows the importance of expanding access to healthcare, ensuring it is affordable and protecting those with pre-existing conditions. He will be a strong advocate for not only those with serious medical diagnoses, but those struggling to make ends meet because of high premiums and drug costs. He will always elevate voices, seek out personal stories and  build community." ​

Sara Horne, Farmer and Business Owner

"The rural character of much of LD 14 lends itself to manual labor, blue collar jobs, small towns, and family farms. I find the rural, industrious nature of my home to be its strongest selling point. These factors also highlight the cracks in our system. It’s time we address the issues with our economic, healthcare, and education systems- by finding representatives that are willing to work for each and every one of us. As a self employed agricultural producer, Devin’s platform just makes sense for me. His ideas for the economic sector, such as supporting opportunities for local business and faster broadband, mean that I can grow my business without hitting bottlenecks in the system. Those of us in rural communities know what matters. We want our families and our businesses to be happy, healthy, and growing. By supporting healthcare and education, he won’t let us get left behind. Focusing on the right policies (rather than removing protections for our women and minority neighbors), gives us the confidence to strive for bigger and better things. I see Devin’s platform as a tool to strengthen the weakest links in the chain, so that we can all move forward together."

Abby  Butterfield, Environmental Activist and Community Organizer

"I’m excited to vote for Devin because he 1) takes climate change seriously, 2) desires sustainable, durable economic growth, and 3) is District 14’s best chance of having our values represented in Olympia. If that wasn’t enough to get you stoked on this guy, Devin led a fast and furious write-in campaign for the August primary after seeing that Republican incumbent Gina Mosbrucker was running unopposed. Devin’s passion for the environment and personal background as a teacher inspired many, and he received enough votes to make it on the ballot for the general election. Write-in campaigns are notoriously difficult, and Devin made it happen in just a few weeks. His platform’s magnetic appeal is a testament to the fact that our community hungers for representation. The last Democrat to represent District 14 was Jay Inslee in 1990. Let’s flip the District 14’s Position 2 seat and let our voices be heard at the ballot box!"

Todd Collins and Jacomijn Klinkenberg,
Owners of Wet Planet Whitewater, White Salmon, WA

As owners of a small rafting & kayaking company on the banks of the White Salmon River, we have been members of the White Salmon community and small outdoor-industry business owners since 2002. Our company depends on the health of the environment and access to our rivers. We are excited to endorse Devin Kuh for State Rep here in LD 14. We've known Devin since he came to work for us in 2013. Through his many roles with Wet Planet Whitewater, from Kayak School Manager to Lead Raft Guide, we have seen him be able to connect with diverse groups, take responsibility with enthusiasm, and share his passion for the outdoors and the value of access to and protection of our natural environment. His passion always goes beyond providing good experiences for our guests and students; he works hard to help our business prosper. We are confident that if elected he will with great passion and motivation continue to be a steward of our environment, expand access and support small businesses. He is a very compassionate, energetic and caring member of our team who puts people first and works to have everyone's voices heard and respected.


Devin's Former Students

Natalie Smith

"I am an organizer for low wage workers across the country, and I have seen the detrimental effects that Covid-19 is having on the most vulnerable populations. As his former student, I found Devin to be a fantastic listener, leader and problem solver and I have full confidence that Devin will advocate and fight for these members of our community with integrity, compassion and respect. I wholeheartedly support Devin Kuh’s candidacy for State Representative!"

I taught Natalie in Washington and Peru. She just graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in sociology and psychology, and is working as a Civic Engagement Relational Organizer for United for Respect.

Knox Hammack

"As long as I’ve known Devin Kuh, he has always been acutely aware and vocal about the issues facing our society. I fully trust that he will put the needs of the people he represents at the forefront of his concerns. The amount of time he has spent in the outdoors teaching and recreating gives me full confidence that he can make competent decisions to help the environment when it is in danger the way it is now. "

Knox was my student at World Class Academy, where I taught him in Washington and Colombia, and was his kayak coach. He is one of four people to kayak the tallest waterfall descended, and helped me save a fellow student's life! He currently lives in Bellingham and is getting his degree in Law and Society at Penn State Online.

"Whether it's teaching a classroom or leading a wilderness team, Devin throws himself fully into the task at hand. He always makes his classroom a safe space for anyone to share their concerns and he values everyone's thoughts and opinions, taking any advice to heart. Through these actions, he has gained the trust and respect of his students and has proven himself to be a strong and charismatic leader, both in a classroom setting and in the rugged outdoors.

 Audrey Rogerson

Through these actions, he has gained the trust and respect of his students and has proven himself to be a strong and charismatic leader, both in a classroom setting and in the rugged outdoors. He's always ready to listen to new ideas and jumps headfirst into any challenge he encounters. Devin takes the time to hear those around him because he cares deeply about not only his students, but all members of any community he is a part of. All of these personality traits: determination, integrity, trustfulness and charisma, are what make Devin not only a great teacher and leader, but also the kind of person who will fight to pass laws and represent his constituents with integrity."

Audrey was my student in Seattle. She’s currently a freshman at the University of Chicago.

 Matthew Danics

"Devin is one of the most empathetic and caring people I know. In the classroom, he was always vocal about the issues that people of all backgrounds face and consistently strived to open the minds of his pupils. It is with little surprise Devin is running for State Rep as he truly wants to make, not only his community but, the world a better place. I endorse Devin and am confident that he will do everything in his power to represent the people of Washington to the best of his abilities."

Matthew now studies Business & Computer Science at The University of Western Ontario

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