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"Our district is strong and resilient, and full of good workers and communities. We deserve a representative who listens to the different needs of our people, respects our legacy of agriculture and small businesses, and sees a future where we can all thrive. I ask for the opportunity to fight for you all in Olympia."

Economic Opportunity

The whole country is reeling from COVID-19, and so many jobs have been lost, with no relief in sight. The evidence is clear: The best way to safely weather the economic impacts of the pandemic is supporting employers who manage to keep their employees, with both tax incentives and relief funds. Job opportunities that can be online must be easily accessible to everyone, and essential workers who still interact with the public should have the support and safety they need.

Our economic development must focus on sustainable and durable industries that will promote the wellbeing of our community for generations. I will fight to create jobs for rural working families, and for the future of our local economy--not just big corporations.

Education in the era of COVID-19 is one challenge after another, and our brilliant and resilient teachers keep rising up to meet student needs. But we need more support. As a career educator, armed with my experiences transitioning online this spring and my Master's in Education, I know what kind of support educators need to keep students learning and keep everyone healthy. To keep our students safe and healthy, we must let CDC recommendations and health protocols guide the type of learning environment we are in. To give the highest quality education possible, we must listen to teachers on the ground, and not the career politicians who are not stepping up for our community.


My key priority here will be to not let the pandemic further widen the opportunity gap, but to take this opportunity to boldly center the needs of those with less opportunity and ensure equal education access is given to all, and to fight for the funds necessary to make that a reality.



Healthcare needs to be a right for all Washingtonians. It is now very clear that we need healthcare to not be tied to employment. This pandemic is showing us how our health crisis and economic crisis go hand in hand, and it is crucial for our next state representatives to work to ensure that access to adequate healthcare is a right for everyone living in our state. We need affordable, quality healthcare in rural Washington.


Agriculture and its essential workers are the backbone of our community and economy. Our farmers provide essential food systems that keep us fed and bring in revenue. We could not be the district we are today without their work and care, yet they are being left to weather the effects of a pandemic with little support.

To keep our agriculture thriving, we need a sustainable approach for long term growth and environmental health. I will work with all stakeholders to support agriculture and be on the leading edge of technological developments to make this bedrock industry as sustainable as possible. 

Local Businesses

Small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy and our livelihoods. Thanks to our glorious natural resources and our rich history, we have thriving tourism and recreation industries that deserve our support to get through the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. It is these local businesses that we and our government must prioritize to stabilize and revitalize the economy. Relief efforts need to be directed towards local businesses, and not snapped up by large corporations, so our businesses can reopen and revitalize our community as it is safe to do so. I will fight for our local businesses, and make sure they are no longer an afterthought to be left behind in a crisis.

Sustainable Environment

Natural Resources are a source of economic stability both now and in the future. It is vital for us to appropriately manage these resources with our eyes on their sustainable use to ensure we are giving to our children and grandchildren the same levels of opportunity and stability. Our district has incredible recreation opportunities that use those natural resources to bring in economic stability and these must be protected as well.


Energy production and consumption must also be sustainable for the long term health of our land and people. I will work to keep us on the forefront of technology and policy to make sure we are doing our best for future generations who will inherit our choices.

Internet Access

COVID has thrown into sharp relief that quality internet access is absolutely essential for participating in the economy. Our rural population deserves equal access to the economy and the opportunities provided by good internet. I will fight for you in Olympia, and make sure everyone's needs are heard, not just the wealthy elite.

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